Gout Stout (2016)

From the BrewBlog of Stoopsitters Brewing – Hastings, Minnesota USA
Printed June 18, 2018

Style: Imperial Stout
Brewer: Dustin Zastera
Brew Date: December 30, 2016
Yield: 5 gallons
Color (SRM/EBC): 67.7/133.5
Bitterness (Calc): 68 IBU (Tinseth)
Conditioning: Keg
Batch No: 139
OG: 1.111
Target OG: 1.113
Status: Conditioning
BJCP Style Info: Imperial Stout
O.G.: 1.075 - 1.115
F.G.: 1.018 - 1.030
ABV: 8.0 - 12.0%
Bitterness: 50 - 90 IBUs
Color: 30 - 40 SRM
Info: An intensely flavored, big, dark ale. Roasty, fruity, and bittersweet, with a noticeable alcohol presence. Dark fruit flavors meld with roasty, burnt, or almost tar-like sensations. Like a black barleywine with every dimension of flavor coming into play.

Commercial Examples: Three Floyd’s Dark Lord, Bell’s Expedition Stout, North Coast Old Rasputin Imperial Stout, Stone Imperial Stout, Samuel Smith Imperial Stout, Scotch Irish Tsarina Katarina Imperial Stout, Thirsty Dog Siberian Night, Deschutes The Abyss, Great Divide Yeti, Southampton Russian Imperial Stout, Rogue Imperial Stout, Bear Republic Big Bear Black Stout, Great Lakes Blackout Stout, Avery The Czar, Founders Imperial Stout, Victory Storm King, Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout.

General Information
Method: All Grain

Based on the 2014 recipe, but with more oats and a higher proportion of chocolate malt.


2016-12-30: Brewed.  Sparge was continuous and performed over an hour.  An extra half gallon of runnings were collected and added to the main boil once there was room.  Pitched with 4oz of slurry from the Dead Ringer.  Carboy at 62F.

Malts and Grains
15.00 pounds Rahr Pale Malt (2-Row) 68.2% of grist
0.50 pounds British Black Patent Malt 2.3% of grist
0.50 pounds British Chocolate Malt 2.3% of grist
0.50 pounds British Amber Malt 2.3% of grist
0.75 pounds British Roasted Barley 3.4% of grist
4.00 pounds Flaked Oats 18.2% of grist
0.75 pounds British Dark Crystal Malt 3.4% of grist
22.00 pounds Total Grain Weight 100% of grist
1/2 tsp. Yeast Nutrient @ 10 minutes  
1 Whirlfloc @ 10 minutes  
2.50 ounces Northern Brewer 10% Leaf @ 120 minutes
Type: Bittering
Use: Boil
25 AAUs
1.50 ounces Northern Brewer 10% Pellets @ 20 minutes
Type: Flavor
Use: Boil
15 AAUs
4.00 ounces Total Hop Weight 40 AAUs
Total Boil Time: 120 minutes
Name: American Ale II
Manufacturer: Wyeast
Product ID: 1272
Type: Ale
Flocculation: High
Attenuation: 74%
Temperature Range: 60–72°F
Amount: 2000 ml
Water Profile

Hastings, Minnesota

Calicum: 55 ppm
Bicarbonate: 196 ppm
Sulfate: 7.9 ppm
Chloride: 8.9 ppm
Sodium: 3 ppm
Magnesium: 24 ppm
PH: 7.4%

Taken from:
"Ground Water Quality in Cottage Grove, MN, June 2000"

Prepared by GWMAP


Split Mash:

1) 4lbs 2-row, 4 lbs oats.  Start by adding 2 gallons of room temperature water.  Over the course of 30 minutes, raise the temperature to 155F.  Large stove coil at 2.5.

2) The remaining grains are mashed with 3.5 gallons of water at 172F, to hit a mash temperature of 155F.

Combine the mashes after the oats have reached temperature and rest for an additional hour.

Mash Out:

Mashout by draining the tun of 2 gallons of sweet wort, boiling it with an additional 6 quarts, and returning it to the tun.  Rest for 20 minutes at 168F.  Vorlauf and continue the draw with an additional 4 gallons of water at 168F.  The whole sparge process will take about an hour with the value open halfway.

Gout Stout (2016)
Date Brewed:  
Brew Day Data
  Target Actual
Strike Water Amount: 7.3  
Strike Water Temperature:    
Mash Temperature:    
Mash Time:    
Sparge Water Amount: 4.6  
Sparge Water Temperature:    
Pre-Boil Gravity:    
Pre-Boil Amount: 6.8  
Post-Boil Amount: 5  
Boil Time: 120  
Original Gravity: 1.111 / 26.1° P  
Brew Day Notes

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